Here are the answers to many of the questions asked about our products.
What are your products made of?
Our products are mostly made of GRMG (Glass Reinforced Modified Gypsum) For some interior applications we also GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) which is rated for dry areas only.
What is GRMG?
GRMG - Glass Reinforced Modified Gypsum. This material has been used, in various forms, by
builders around the world for many years. Far from being just "plaster ", cast GRMG parts
are an average of only 10mm (3/8") thick making them light weight yet extremely strong and
dimensionally stable. Special polymers and fiberglass incorporated into the gypsum give it
its strength as well as provide waterproofing, allowing the freedom to use the product on
an exterior application as well as interior. Unlike wood, our material will not rot or split. It is fire
and termite proof. And unlike polyester, GRMG will hold its shape, capture fine detail and
won't look like plastic.
Do you custom build?
Custom building is our speciality. We build all of our moulds in house. The possibilities are endless.
Do your hoods withstand hurricane winds?
Our hoods have never been tested for hurricane force winds. We do not warrant our products against hurricanes or any other acts of God. For the record however, we have been supplying window hoods to customers in Barbados for over 12 years but do not know of a single instance where failure has occurred due to high winds or inclement weather
Do your products have Coral Render on them?
No. Our Coral finished products are an imitation of real Coral. We use coral dust in the face layer for color purposes only but this has no affect on the texture.
Are your products good for use near the sea?
Yes, GRMG can be used in salt spray environments, however, you must use good quality stainless steel screws and other mounting hardware.