sideveiwNot only is this traditional window feature an essential component when restoring historical buildings, it is now becoming popular in new construction as well. Realizing the many functional benefits including protection against ultra-violet rays, wet weather elements and reduced cooling costs to name a few, people throughout the Caribbean are finding this nearly forgotten gem a beautiful addition to their new homes.

Traditionally built of wood, these hoods were expensive to maintain, requiring stripping and refinishing often. Polyester fiberglass was tried as a substitute, but this material lacked the strength and was unable to capture the sharp wood detail associated with the original. Not only are the hoods that we manufacture from GRMG strong, weather proof, fire proof and termite proof, they offer a top quality look that faithfully depicts the the beauty of the originals

Our intention was and still is to maintain the original look and feel of traditional hoods in the Bellcast , Square-Sided and the Door Hood we provide.

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